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L I  G  H  T  B  U  L  B   M  O  M  E  N  T




I was tidying my flat and was packing old clothes into paper shopping bags, which I had collected over the years. When I finally took a break (I have many clothes!), I sat on a chair to assess my progress. I suddenly realised that I had been comfortably sitting on a bag full of clothes, which was, in fact, preferable to my chair. Not only was the bag of clothes comfortable, but it was also serving a useful purpose. I started thinking, why can’t something like storage or seating have a dual-use, and at the same time be stylish and fun?



Here at Peckham Levels, I have met other creative minds, and have collaborated on developing my design and style. Find me on the 1st floor, of Peckham levels.




I have taken an everyday shopping package and turned it into a functional indoor and outdoor item. It looks like a shopping bag, and functions as a shopping bag, but can also be used as storage and as stable seating. The Coleman bag is an attractive and practical piece for your home, business or outdoor space.





My idea will be developed further by using recycled plastic to recreate the same design and functionality, but also to highlight the vast amount of plastic that is wasted today, at a detriment of our planet. This will show how redundant plastic can be transformed into a valuable and useful everyday item.



I’m Mo, and I’m a designer. My interest in design stems back to when I studied Fashion design at the London College of Fashion and the Kent Institute of Art and Design. After many years of working in various fields, I have decided to do what I love most- to create beautiful yet functional products; that look and work well indoors and out. I was born and bred in London, and am proud to be based in my studio in Peckham. From here, I create products that are fun yet serve a purpose wherever they may be placed. Everyone remembers a person who inspires them, at some point in their life. My first bag stool collection is a range called Coleman- dedicated to my late tutor.